Greta Thunberg – what your brand can learn from this young activist

Most of us would wonder how the teen, Greta Thunberg environmental activist rose to popularity so quickly! We all know she is not the first climate activist with quotable speeches, but why has she risen to fame so fast?

Reason for the quick fame

One reason is her age, obviously, she is just 16. Last year in August, the Swedish teen took her activism public and conducted a school strike for “Climate” before the Swedish Parliament just before the elections.

Later in December, she continued to get global attention after her speech at the U.N. Climate Talks in Poland. Her strike impacted tens of thousands of students from around the world including Japan, Germany, The UK, and more to join her campaign #FridaysForFuture.

In a few days she was a sensation on all social media platforms because of her powerful campaigns. Her tone was right on the money that grabbed the attention of the world, creating awareness using the power of social media.

Things to learn from Greta Thunberg

1. The appropriate voice

Greta had the appropriate voice in her social campaigns; her objective needed a powerful tone which she did quite right. Having a brand voice that doesn’t match the campaign objective or the platform you are on can hamper the motto of your campaign.

2. Never ask for likes

The little girl never asked for likes in her campaigns, but still got all the engagement because of her straight-forward approach. You need to keep the matter simple and to the point. If your content reaches the right set of audience, your post will be liked, or even better shared.

3. Make people listen

Greta used the social media tool for listening, not just talking. She made people listen to her, a thing to learn for brands. Make people listen to what you want to convey, use the right language to match the social media platform you’re on.

Apart from learning how to use the social media right, we can learn other important things from the teen activist. They are:

  1. To start right away
  2. To be unique
  3. To be clear with your thoughts
  4. To be fearless
  5. To express yourself

For someone so young, Greta Thunberg, has taught us so much. She has taught us to be brave, dedicated, transparent and sincere and not to be afraid of doing things. What we assume is not the reality, most of the times. It is sometimes necessary to take a bit of risk to keep moving forward. So, express yourself, don’t limit yourself.

Today, most of us visualize of one face when we hear the phrase “climate change”, that of Greta Thunberg. And, one of the major reasons of her fame is social media. That’s what social media can do! It can make someone or something go viral within days or even minutes. Board your brand into social media today and tear down the curtain concealing your brand from users!

5 futuristic brand building exercises

Today, brand building has become an integral part of business development and marketing strategies for organizations of any size. A strong and stable brand communicates trust to its customers and building it gives it an identity. Let’s start off by understanding what brand building is.

What is brand building?

The essence of Brand building cannot be contained in one definition. Most people assume that brand building is just about exposing the brand and communicating; well, that’s just one side of the dice. The best way to put brand building is it is the process of creating value to every single customer. To put it in a nutshell, building brand is about converting a normal customer into a loyal one.

Do you think you are in the right track in building your brand? For you to know where you stand in your branding strategies and to create a successful brand, we have compiled a list of best branding exercises like we do for our clients.

1. Empower customers

For any business, customers are the biggest and most important asset. Empowering the customers should be your first priority as they are the ones who dictate how your brand is perceived. The bottom line is, for your brand to taste success, keep your customer happy and satisfied.

2. Concentrate on brand visuals

Visual branding is one of the most important practices in brand building; it defines how your business appears to the external world. It is extremely important to get things right from the very beginning, because first impressions do matter.

  • Choose an impressive and compelling name that makes customers easily connect with your business
  • Come up with a strong tagline that outlines your business objectives
  • Create a logo that reflects your business

3. Position your brand

Before kicking off on building your brand, you have to spend time to differentiate your brand from others to attract attention. But, how do you make your brand stand out from competitors? Well, you need to come up with a unique value proposition post which you need to use a good branding strategy to position your brand in a way that will help customers recognize your brand. You can seek help from us to position your brand and appreciate the greater value of your brand over competing ones in the market.

4. Research brands

Researching brands within your industry niche is vital. Never mimic what already established brands are doing in your industry. But, you must be watchful of what they do well and also, where they fail. Set your objectives to stay one step ahead of your competitors and convince a customer to opt for your brand over them.

5. Review

No brand is static- it will surely go through a series of changes in its lifetime. Your brand might grow in strength with time. As your brand grows, so do the expectations and the best way to keep up the reputation is to review your activities and evaluate your successes. Reviewing your brand strategies will help you exploit new opportunities, maintaining your commitment to stay true to your vision.

Today, there are various technological advancements like AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allow brands to stay always in touch with the user journey. AR makes it easier for customers to get information, research the products, bringing experiences to real world instead of keeping customers in a fiction world. And, chatbots can directly chat with a customer, clarifying all their queries. Apart from following the above 5 practices, implementing such technologies can further help build your brand.

Brand building is not a one-off thing. Your brand has to be defined, differentiated, presented and reviewed. At Chlear, we adopt brand strategies that will add value to your customers, helping them develop the right impression on your brand!

Let’s kill the boredom and be a little unconventional

One of the biggest nightmares for many small start-ups today is competing with the already established brands in the marketing world. Unlike bigger brands, small businesses don’t have big money to spend on marketing strategies. But, worry not, all is not lost! There are various other unconventional ways to make your brand visible to others, pull interest, and obtain new customers.

There is no denying that PPC, SEO, email marketing, content marketing and such are excellent strategies that can actually improve your conversion rates. PPC, Google AdWords, or Social Media are great channels and are worth spending the money, but they are already crowded. So, where should you spend your rupees? Or, what should you do to stand out?

Well, here’s where the unconventional marketing strategies kick in and come in handy. It doesn’t really require spending a bag of money for effective marketing. Making smart moves, a little imagination with some creativity, thinking weird at times and the courage to try new things can really help you spread the word about your brand and attract new customers.

Here are few unconventional marketing tactics that can help your brand reach bigger crowd.

Be creative, be weird

You stand a great chance to make your brand a hit with some catchy content. Try to think from a completely different angle and come up with a striking line as what Snickers did with the campaign tagline in India “Who are you when you are hungry” (’-massive-new-campaign-targets-millennials-in-the-most-unusual-way-87136.html). With a little creativity, you can come up with something that can benefit your business and community simultaneously and do wonders to your business.

Do not hide the truth

A few months ago McDonald’s performed an action where they made their customers to send them questions, to which McDonald’s answered ( Imagine what if McDonald’s just released a detailed article or a video explaining their production process. It would have just been a one-sided conversation. A one-sided approach never can have a mighty impact as two-sided communication does. Clearly explains why transparency is important, regardless of the size of the organization.

Be different

Be imaginative, be different, be bold, however you choose to market your brand. In order to stand out from your competitors, you must give your customers something that your competition doesn’t. If you are willing to take a few calculated risks, act smart at tough situations and leave no stone unturned, you can convert every idea into an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Give free things

This might sound a bit controversial rather than unconventional marketing strategy. But, it can really be effective.

Giving away stuff for free can mean two things. One, organizing contests on social media with prizes. This can be used to drive customer engagement.

Two- giving away for free, literally. Have a look at what Netflix does. They offer one month free subscription for new users. So, how exactly does something like this benefit a business? It’s simple. By giving away things for free it is very easy to convince people to join you. If they like your product or service, your customers increase and if they don’t you can ask them for feedback and improve based on that!

Unconventional Campaigns

The ongoing campaign “#ProudToBelong” ( by Ray-Ban is a clear example of how unconventional you can get with your social media campaigns. The campaign pushes everyone to be daring, to stay true, to laugh, to cry, to love, to celebrate emotions, ultimately to discover and be yourself.

In this article, we covered a few unconventional approaches to marketing strategies that can really boost your business at minimal cost. All of them include a fair bit of thinking outside the box. Although unconventional marketing may seem a bit risky, the return can extremely outweigh all your imaginations because customers like brands to approach them with new and exciting ideas.

Memes – when a medium of pun became a serious communication tool

The modern world today is completely controlled by technology, and we know how Emojis have changed the way we chat, or how texting is being overtaken by voice recordings, or how audio calling is slowly dying out due to the use of video calling. Technology seems to evolve every day and one of the pieces of technology that we use today is memes.

So, what is a meme? A meme is a humorous image, gif or a video with a piece of text that is copied and spread quickly across social media platforms by users. This internet marvel has grown in popularity and is now a large part of online world. Since memes grab people’s attention for their sarcastic and fun-touch, businesses have started using them to their advantage.

How memes are good?

The quote “laughter is the best medicine” is absolutely true. The presence of humour in one’s life can lighten their burdens, connect them to others while keeping them focused and alert.

Memes are one of the easiest ways to include humour into one’s busy life. We have all probably experienced this, scrolling through an Instagram meme page on a stressful day and our load lightens instantly, well, that’s the power of memes!

Memes are a way to communication

Memes are one way of communicating, similar to emojis and pictures. A meme has the ability to share a message to people without the use of hundreds of words. In addition to getting a good laugh, memes are excellent platforms to understand an idea, concept and current happenings that one might have not seen in the news.

The youth today are keen in global and political issues engaging themselves through social media, more precisely, through memes. With the help of ever-evolving technology and young meme creators, the internet allows communities to connect and know almost every happening in a very short period of time (in days or even hours).

Meme Marketing

Meme marketing is an effective approach to grab people’s attention and get response from social media. Memes are everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all social media sites. Meme marketing is one of the top social media marketing strategies and its usage is rapidly increasing for the various benefits it offers. Let us look at some of the benefits of meme marketing.

  • Meme is absolutely free.
  • You do not need technical knowledge to create a meme; select the image of your choice and add the text you want to show in your meme.
  • Memes help you emotionally connect with audience.
  • They are already viral, so use something that’s already famous for your business purpose.
  • Internet users love to share interesting and funny memes, when done so, you definitely stand a great chance to get likes, new followers and fans.

Memes are, in general, beneficial and effective as they can easily catch a person’s eye and get in a laugh. They communicate with everyone from all over the world and provide an interesting learning and updating platform.

Tracking real time customer expectations with the help of AI

Customer expectations are increasing at a rapid pace, and marketers are running amok while trying to keep up because of the connected and real-time experiences that are regarded as the norm when interconnecting with brands. It’s just not enough to be friendly and efficient in solving customer inquiries, connecting with has become the need of the hour.

Customer Expectations

Customer expectations refer to the recognized value or benefits that the customer seeks when buying a good or using the service. They are the result of the ‘learning’ process and can be formed very quickly. Once accepted, these expectations can have a significant impact in decision-making processes and can be difficult to change.

Just knowing your customer well is not enough, the trend is keeps changing as more behavioral based marketing has come into the picture lately. The ongoing need can be tracked using real-time data analytics.

What is a real time customer tracking?

Real time customer tracking refers to website tracking system, a process that collects behavioral data about the visitors of your site. Most of the tracking systems also transform this data into relevant reports.

The software displays data on customizable dashboard. This data given is displayed in numerically line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and percentages. This display of the data can be sorted according to priorities and preferences.

Digital Genius: Digital customer experience trends for 2019

As speedy advancements in technology continue to change businesses that are developed in the modern world, entrepreneurs are constantly exploring smarter ways to operate more logically and remove issues that have plagued the progress and the performances. One of the most important decisions that founders face today is selecting the right software as there’s also a greater demand for automated customer support systems.

One such tool is the AI-powered customer service tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the consumer support process completely. The AI platform is capable of personalizing user interactions, automating repetitive tasks, and understanding conversations, for good satisfying quality service.

This tool uses deep learning that helps to identify the customer’s needs, resolve inquiries through connecting directly with the third-party backend systems. This technology eliminates the need for human customer service to deal with issues such as refunds, finding lost items and changing passwords.

Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages. There are many people, researchers and engineers, working on advancing the science and theory behind artificial intelligence because using this technology has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

The first step in providing excellent customer experience is in understanding the customer and their needs. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) this understanding could be accelerated.

The success of AI depends on getting the execution right –that also includes developing a strategy, pursuing the right use, building a data foundation, and having a strong ability to experiment.

  • AI has a low error rate, it has incredible accuracy, precision and speed.
  • AI organizes and manages records in large volumes.
  • AI does not get influenced by hostile environments, they can explore in space and also help in mining and digging fuels.
  • AI can replace humans in tedious and repetitive tasks as it can work 24/7.
  • AI can detect fraud in card-based systems and other systems in the future.
  • AI provides entertainment such as video-games.
  • AI assess in medical purposes, such as health risks and emotional state, it can stimulate medical procedures.

Artificial Intelligence technologies have the possibilities to categorize, organize and analyze customer data in real time, whether to understand the customer’s sentiments or analyze the written and spoken words because customers not only require speed but also accuracy and relevant results.