Memes When A Medium Of Pun Became A Serious Communication Tool

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The modern world today is completely controlled by technology, and we know how Emojis have changed the way we chat, or how texting is being overtaken by voice recordings, or how audio calling is slowly dying out due to the use of video calling. Technology seems to evolve every day and one of the pieces of technology that we use today is memes.

So, what is a meme? A meme is a humorous image, gif or a video with a piece of text that is copied and spread quickly across social media platforms by users. This internet marvel has grown in popularity and is now a large part of online world. Since memes grab people’s attention for their sarcastic and fun-touch, businesses have started using them to their advantage.

How memes are good?

The quote “laughter is the best medicine” is absolutely true. The presence of humour in one’s life can lighten their burdens, connect them to others while keeping them focused and alert.

Memes are one of the easiest ways to include humour into one’s busy life. We have all probably experienced this, scrolling through an Instagram meme page on a stressful day and our load lightens instantly, well, that’s the power of memes!

Memes are a way to communication

Memes are one way of communicating, similar to emojis and pictures. A meme has the ability to share a message to people without the use of hundreds of words. In addition to getting a good laugh, memes are excellent platforms to understand an idea, concept and current happenings that one might have not seen in the news.

The youth today are keen in global and political issues engaging themselves through social media, more precisely, through memes. With the help of ever-evolving technology and young meme creators, the internet allows communities to connect and know almost every happening in a very short period of time (in days or even hours).

Meme Marketing

Meme marketing is an effective approach to grab people’s attention and get response from social media. Memes are everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all social media sites. Meme marketing is one of the top social media marketing strategies and its usage is rapidly increasing for the various benefits it offers. Let us look at some of the benefits of meme marketing.

  • Meme is absolutely free.
  • You do not need technical knowledge to create a meme; select the image of your choice and add the text you want to show in your meme.
  • Memes help you emotionally connect with audience.
  • They are already viral, so use something that’s already famous for your business purpose.
  • Internet users love to share interesting and funny memes, when done so, you definitely stand a great chance to get likes, new followers and fans.

Memes are, in general, beneficial and effective as they can easily catch a person’s eye and get in a laugh. They communicate with everyone from all over the world and provide an interesting learning and updating platform.

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