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Survival of the smartest! Rebranding of malls in India from the CHLEAR point of view

Survival of the smartest!   Rebranding of malls in India from the CHLEAR point of view

Owing to the concerns over coronavirus, various cities in India including the tier 1 cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. have ordered all the shopping malls to be temporarily closed. Since the COVID-19 is still evolving across India, mall operators and the showrooms inside the malls have and are facing huge losses. According to a report by ICICI Securities, it is estimated that the shopping mall operators have lost 20-25 percent of their annual revenue and this loss is likely to increase until the COVID-19 is completely contained or at least up to June’20.

However, even when things start to get back to normal, people will still be hesitant to go to crowded places, especially malls and movie theatres. So to attract customers back, shopping malls will have to beef up their entertainment, recreational and experiential based shopping offers.

Adapt to the pandemic by thinking CHLEAR

In order to attract crowd and be back in business, shopping malls need to adapt to the current scenario and ensure the customers are kept safe and away from COVID-19. Some of the practices that need to be implemented in the malls are:

Social Distancing

  • Markers have to be implemented at all entrances/ exits, lifts/ escalators and shops/ showrooms to maintain at least 2m distance between people
  • Only a limited number of people must be allowed inside a mall at a time to ensure social distancing

Safety Masks

  • Masks must be made compulsory; everyone has to wear a mask in order to be allowed within the premises of a mall
  • The mask has to be an authentic government approved one

Health Screenings

  • All customers must be screened by security personnel for health issues and symptoms before being permitted inside premises

Frequent Sanitisation

  • All public utilities will be sanitised every hour
  • Benches, lifts, escalators, walking areas will be continuously sanitised by autonomous machines
  • Lift operators are the only ones who will be allowed to press buttons inside the lifts

Thermal Screenings

  • Thermal cameras and gadgets to assess any customer’s health condition will be implemented at entry/exit points

Decontamination Chambers

  • Implementation of decontamination chambers at the entrances and exits to reduce the risk of virus spread

Time to enhance customer experience with CHLEAR solutions

Develop Mobile Apps for Malls

  • The mobile application will have the complete information about the mall such as ongoing offers, brands, events and even the map
  • It will allow the customers to know real-time updates and flash sales from various brands with the best offers
  • The app will share the real-time updates about the number of people within premises, help lines in case of emergencies and survey portals

Digital Screens

  • The digital screens are voice activated
  • These screens will be placed at multiple points throughout the mall which will help people with necessary information and updates
  • These screens also have AR capabilities where people can try out different items from different brands without touching the product or stepping inside the showrooms


  • Stores can have convenient contactless self-checkout options for customers which can help avoid human contact
  • The self-checkout will have contactless payment options where the customer can simply scan the QR codes using UPI and other payment mobile applications

Robot Table Waiters

  • Food courts can have robots as their food servers for making the dining experience extravagant and interesting while avoiding human contact

Food Vending Machines

  • In-theatre munchies availability via vending machines to limit human interaction
  • Payments to the vending machines made by QR codes digitally

Seating Arrangements

  • In-theatre seating arrangement should maintain considerable distance to ensure health safety

Movies on Mobile App

  • Customers can view their favourite movies on specific mobile applications by multiplexes

We need to overcome the loss that has occurred and the only way to do so is by adjusting the way we are currently functioning. Let us reinvent and stay ahead of the pandemic with the help of seasoned professionals like CHLEAR.

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