Why Social Media Advertising Is More Helpful Than tvcs

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The social media has taken over the world by storm of late. With reported 9 out of 10 businesses running some form of a campaign on social media, social media marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend. Anything that’s put on social media goes more viral than the ones on TV. I came across this campaign #TheBestManCanBe from Gillette that went remarkably viral on social media this year, receiving 567K likes on Twitter, 54K likes on Instagram, 220K reactions on Facebook and over 32 million views on YouTube to date – an example of how effective social media campaigns can be and how viral they can go.

Selecting the right advertising medium for your brand can be tricky. So, in this article, we will take you through the various advantages social media advertising has over TVCs.

Target Ads

Connecting with the right audience is important for any business. Target ads are a boon to advertisers as these ads help them connect with their target audience directly. Most social media platforms do behavioural analysis of its users, which helps advertisers to understand their customers’ interests and likings, and ads can be targeted accordingly.

As target ads directly deal with their target audience, they are considered very effective. From a receiver’s standpoint, receiving ads about things they are already looking for would keep them away from irrelevant ads.

Cost of Ads

The making cost of TV Commercials is far too expensive compared to social media marketing strategies. As the production of TVCs involves a large crew and other equipments, the cost turns out to be significantly higher. On the other hand, social media ads are easy and quicker to design and are much cheaper to run as a campaign.

In social media advertising, you will pay a fragment of the traditional TVCs expense while reaching the same number of people (sometimes even more) and target the audience you want.

Not Limited to Just Videos

You and I know TV Commercials are limited to just video advertising. They are compiled with a strong script, relevant message and background music, but the presentation format remains the same.

A social media ad can be presented in various formats; it can be in an image, video ad similar to a TVC or motion poster format. These ads easily catch the eyes of a viewer while scrolling down their feed.

Faster and Wider Reach

TVCs are targeted at a wider audience which might not even be relevant to the viewer, making it difficult for the brands to understand if they are really targeting their desired audience. But, SM ads can be targeted at a specific set of audience by understanding their behavioural patterns towards a particular product or brand. Social media is considered to have a faster reach; the use of social media is so wide and fast that it hardly takes a few seconds to make a content go viral.

Unwanted Ads

Most of you would have experienced this- coming across certain TV ads that are not relevant to you as a user. Social media keeps it right to show ads that users would want to see. Such SM ads are quite effective and advertisers can expect immediate action from end users. These ads make users want to research about them or consider it as a choice.

On the whole, as consumers how many of you see a TV ad and say to yourself, “wow, that product must be as great as it is portrayed. I am gonna buy it!” Well, maybe one or two. Instead, you get into research mode, jump online and look for reviews and side-by-side comparisons to choose the best product. This shows how you have transformed and evolved as a buyer!

And, as brand owners, wouldn’t it be great for you to have an agency alongside that can help you in building strong SM strategies? Well, you are at the right place if you’re seeking for guidance on reaching your potential customers. Yes, CHLEAR is all about digital marketing and advertising; we have the ability to integrate innovative ideas into your social media strategies, making your brand bigger and better.

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