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Customer expectations are increasing at a rapid pace, and marketers are running amok while trying to keep up because of the connected and real-time experiences that are regarded as the norm when interconnecting with brands. It’s just not enough to be friendly and efficient in solving customer inquiries, connecting with has become the need of the hour.

Customer Expectations

Customer expectations refer to the recognized value or benefits that the customer seeks when buying a good or using the service. They are the result of the ‘learning’ process and can be formed very quickly. Once accepted, these expectations can have a significant impact in decision-making processes and can be difficult to change.

Just knowing your customer well is not enough, the trend is keeps changing as more behavioral based marketing has come into the picture lately. The ongoing need can be tracked using real-time data analytics.

What is a real time customer tracking?

Real time customer tracking refers to website tracking system, a process that collects behavioral data about the visitors of your site. Most of the tracking systems also transform this data into relevant reports.

The software displays data on customizable dashboard. This data given is displayed in numerically line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and percentages. This display of the data can be sorted according to priorities and preferences.

Digital Genius: Digital customer experience trends for 2019

As speedy advancements in technology continue to change businesses that are developed in the modern world, entrepreneurs are constantly exploring smarter ways to operate more logically and remove issues that have plagued the progress and the performances. One of the most important decisions that founders face today is selecting the right software as there’s also a greater demand for automated customer support systems.

One such tool is the AI-powered customer service tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the consumer support process completely. The AI platform is capable of personalizing user interactions, automating repetitive tasks, and understanding conversations, for good satisfying quality service.

This tool uses deep learning that helps to identify the customer’s needs, resolve inquiries through connecting directly with the third-party backend systems. This technology eliminates the need for human customer service to deal with issues such as refunds, finding lost items and changing passwords.

Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages. There are many people, researchers and engineers, working on advancing the science and theory behind artificial intelligence because using this technology has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

The first step in providing excellent customer experience is in understanding the customer and their needs. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) this understanding could be accelerated.

The success of AI depends on getting the execution right –that also includes developing a strategy, pursuing the right use, building a data foundation, and having a strong ability to experiment.

  • AI has a low error rate, it has incredible accuracy, precision and speed.
  • AI organizes and manages records in large volumes.
  • AI does not get influenced by hostile environments, they can explore in space and also help in mining and digging fuels.
  • AI can replace humans in tedious and repetitive tasks as it can work 24/7.
  • AI can detect fraud in card-based systems and other systems in the future.
  • AI provides entertainment such as video-games.
  • AI assess in medical purposes, such as health risks and emotional state, it can stimulate medical procedures.

Artificial Intelligence technologies have the possibilities to categorize, organize and analyze customer data in real time, whether to understand the customer’s sentiments or analyze the written and spoken words because customers not only require speed but also accuracy and relevant results.

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